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Booking: 30% off for spa package Valid to: 01/February /2020

30% off for spa package Valid to: 01/February /2020

30% off for spa package Valid to: 01/February /2020

We provide a varid arry of Spa package offering ,invigorating Body Massages , Body Treatments and pampering facial

Spa Package

Angkor Relaxation Package : 120mn USD 56

Relax and enjoy the Angkor package . Being with an invigorating aromatherapy massage and finish with any one of the body or facial treatments from our meu. You will leave the spa refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Aromatherapy Massage 60mn
  • Your choice of one body or facial treatment 60mn

Samathi Spa Package : 180mn USD 76

After a busy day at temples, spoil yourself with a satisfying pacakge of treatments that combines an aromatherapy massage with two mango treats: a body scrub to freshen your skin, and a deep-cleansing facial to unblock the pores and help repair sun damage. It is all topped of with an all- over hydrating body lotion.

  • Aromatherapy 75m
  • Fresh Mango Scrub 40mn
  • Deep Cleansing Facial 55mn
  • Hydrating With Body Lotion 10mn

Sunburn Relief Package : 180mn USD 76

If you are feeling the effects of too much sun, this is the perfect package to alleviate the symptoms. It starts with a relaxing aromatherapy massage that is followed by a body wrap designed to relieve the burn of the sun. A facial to counter the irrritating to delicate skin follows and a hydrating body lotion is the final satisfying step.

  • Aromatherapy Massage 75m
  • Sunburn Relief Wrap 40mn
  • Whitening& Protection Facial 55mn
  • Hydrating With Body Lotion 10mn

Anti- Dry Skin Package : 180mn USD 76

A feast for your skin to combat dryness. Your therapist will loosen those tense muscles and ease joint stiffiness with avariety of techniques in a Swedish massage. An avocado-based scrub will help alleviate dry,dehydrated skin and leave it feeling smooth, soft, moisturized and supple. Your face is next, with a combination of a gentle exfoliant and an avocadomask to moisturize and encourage the growth of new skin. A final step is the application of a hydrating body lotion.

  • Swedish Massage 75mn
  • Skin -Moisturing 40mn
  • Skin moisture Facial 55mn
  • Hydrating With Body Lotion 10mn

Unique Experience Package : 180mn USD 86

The ultimate in pampering. Two therapists massage in tandem, with essential oils, for an intense experience. The massage is followed by scrub to gently exfoliate and leave the skin smooth and soft. A deep-cleansing facial unblocks the pores and helps repair sun damage. A final flourish is the application of a hydrating body lotion.

  • Four Hands Massage 75mn
  • Jasmine Rice Scrub 40mn
  • Deep cleansing Facila 55mn
  • Hydrating with Body Lotion 10mn

Full Relxation Package 210mn USD 96

A 3-hour and half treat for the complete body, starting with s relaxing aromatherapy massage using the essential oil of your choice. A duo of mango treatments prepare your skin for another day: a mango scrub to buff the skin and a wrap to rehydrate and stimulate. A deep-cleansing facial freshen and rejuvanates. This is all topped off with the application of a hydrating body lotion.

  • Aromatherapy Massage 75mn
  • Fresh Mango Scrub 40mn
  • Fresh Mango Wrap 40mn
  • Deep Cleansing Facial 50mn
  • Hydrating With Body Lotion 10mn

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